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Thursday, 17 February 2011

Custom Hand-stitched Batik Journals

I guess I'm ever so happy & grateful to have learned bookbinding  :) I can't explain how I love to make things by hand... haha... it's a passion that I can never explain. People who share my same interest or love for handmade stuffs will understand the rustic goodness of it but some won't. 

I love my passion for arts.... handmade cards, book thongs, wire-bound journals, hand-stitched journals, photography, blah blah blah.... there's a lot more things in the pipeline that I'm planning in my head and hopefully they will materialize soon :)

These are two custom request Batik Hand-stitched Journals that I've made. I actually practiced making a lot more of these before making these 2. Was stitching-crazy! but Practice makes perfect, I hope *fingers crossed! :P

Top : Coptic Binding
Bottom : Kettle Stitch Binding

Won't be debuting my hand-stitched journals at Crafty Art Market, though... you can email to custom order if you want to lay your hands on one :) They will make their debut soon enough, just not this Saturday :)

oh, edit : I mean my hand-stitched journals will be making their debut soon but not the Batik ones. Batik ones are custom request by someone :)

email me at angelicquirk@gmail.com if you want a hand-stitched Journal of your own :)



~amy~ said...

gorgeous work girl!

Shirl said...

these Batik handstitched books are fabulous!!! I'm sure they are going to be a hit when you start selling them! :)