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Sunday, 20 February 2011

My new products :)

Quirky quotes in a frame.... you can place them on your desk, hang them on your wall or place it where you'll see it most! Makes a perfect gift too, for friends who'll love quirky, sarcastic quotes.

You can request for custom quotes or send in the quotes you want and I can write them for you. Each frame is painted with acid free acrylic paint, misted with glitter, stamped and varnished. All material used are acid free :)

My mum's handmade blooms made a debut too... this time as badges/brooches...  I attached the pin at the back so that you can pin it on your shirt, on your bag or even attach it to your plain elastic bands to spruce it up! You're technically getting  a lot of of each bloom! :)

p/s : 7 out of the 8 frames are sold but you can always send me an email to request for it... the blooms are mostly sold too but again, nothing like an email to inform me what you want and we'll get it done for you! :)


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Blossom inch said...

i want those blooms, how la...?