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Wednesday, 6 April 2011

It's Chic...

.. to participate at the Chic Pop Street Market! :P It's my first time participating and oh my, am I glad I did! The organizers are really friendly and the crowd was amazing!! :) Saw many smiles and that really made my day :)

I love people watching and it was fun watching people during Chic Pop. Lots of funky individuals all dressed up! I love their style although I'm more of a t-shirt/jeans kinda girl. I normally don't wear prints (or rarely) and prefers casual clothing... but I do like looking at people who dresses in vintage clothing. I think vintage clothing has style! :D

I had a lot of fun that day! I was hot and sticky but I'm happy! I guess going out for craft/art markets is a good thing for me cos I tend to stay at home to craft most times.. haha... craft/art markets allows me to have human interaction! :P

If you missed me, erm, I mean my handmade goodies... you can find me at the Crafty Art Market 3 at the 30th April (Saturday) also happening at Jaya One! :) See you!


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