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Monday, 11 April 2011


Ok... so the title doesn't really make sense. But yup, I've been slacking a little bit. I wouldn't say I was totally unproductive but I was not up to speed or up to my expectations. It could be the lack of sleep due to my hubby being sick (and thus coughing the night away.. waking me up endless times.. pity him.. he doesn't get to sleep much either) and also the fact that Penny underwent surgery to be spayed last Wednesday. I was awake at times during the first 2 nights to make sure she's ok.

Still feeling l-a-z-y..... I have a couple of ideas brewing in my mind. Excited to put them into action. Also need to think of ways to make more money... haha. Have to be more discipline and really put my thoughts to action.

Will update with more pictures soon..



Shirl said...

So sorry to hear that Roy has been sick...hope he gets well soon! Also can't wait to see what you have up your sleeves! :)

Blossom inch said...

get well soon to your other half and hopefully the cat is healthy now..and miss seeing your creations nowadays. Take care!

alison said...

hi evelin, me snooping around to get to know you a little to write the article, LOL!

anyhoo, i'm feeling the same here, have not even started working on art market end of month. have ideas but just not moving.

mercury retrograde, in astrology terms lah! haha!

hope we get our mojo back soon! :)