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Thursday, 13 December 2007

An Interview with Abyssal Gems

Who is this Abyssalgems? :) She's a friend I found on E-force, Etsy!

Here's a piece I love from her shop. A victorian beaded chain necklace.

I had the opportunity to interview her and this is what she says :)
1) How did you get started in making jewelry & stuffs?

I originally made jewelry for my own self and then decided I wanted to make money too along the way. Doing what I love to do and what makes others happy as long as they enjoyed showing off my pieces to their friends and family.

2) Who are your inspirations?

My inspirations has to be my grandmother, my family and my boyfriend. My grandmother used to have a dress shop, where she catered to women and she also sold jewelry that she would buy from the garment district in downtown LA. My family and boyfriend are also a source of inspiration to me. They encourage me to keep trying and to not give up on what I love doing. Creating jewelry serves as a great stress reliever for me and allows my creativity to flow.

3) Do you make custom designs and how do you ship them?

I do and have done custom pieces for people, which i really love doing. It's a wonderful challenge for me and I learn new techniques as well.

As for how I ship my items, they are shipped in plastic gift bags along with my business cards and stickers and they're placed in bubble wrap mailers. I also have my packages insured, like everyone else.

4) What kind of materials do you particularly love?

Hmmm, its really hard to narrow down which material I particularly love. I love working with any material, be it swarovski crystal, gemstones, acculon, etc. I suppose if I really have to narrow it down, I'd say it would have to be swarovski crystal, its just most flashy and tends to catch the buyers eye more and intices them to want to shop more.

5) How did you first discover Etsy?

I discovered Etsy from a girl I talked to at at bead shop in Arcadia, California. I had told her I wanted a way to get more publicity and more people to notice what I do, in hopes of gaining more customers and I've been here since Jjune of this year and I love it. I love the people, the administration team.. everyone here is so very helpful and very nice.

My jewelry can also be seen on myspace at: myspace.com/abyssalgems. Not only do I sell there on myspace and here on etsy, I also sell at various events and clubs.

Everyone come check me out :-)

Come See What's in THEE Abyss
Here's another piece I love :)
Thank you very much to Abyssalgems for the interview and thank you for reading!



A Keeper's Jackpot said...

Great write up on Abyssal Gems!!!!

AngelicQuirk said...

Thanks, Keepers :)