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Thursday, 13 December 2007

Where does my future lie?

Have I actually left the crossroads I was in a year and a half ago? Or am I still stuck there... never having actually left, but I thought I did? Physically having moved on, but mentally still rooted in that place, having not chosen a path to trod on?

It has been a year and an half since I left my first job, my first industry. Since then, I've dabbled in a few (well, maybe just 2 other) industries but am feeling like I've not found my footing. Do I prefer the latter? Do I want to climb up the corporate ladder? Is money more important than status?

Questions, a sea of questions in my mind. Answers, I need answers. On top of it all, I need directions. Where does my future lie? In the corporate world? In the numbers game? In a field of daisies...?

Where, oh where does my future lie? What does it hold in secret for me? How am I to unravel the path to it? I need answers to my questions, directions for my feet... I need you, Lord but I feel so far from you.

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