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Monday, 7 April 2008

If looks could kill

Why is it that whenever someone wants to speak to me or wants something from me, they just come a-knocking and expect whatever it is that they want?

You have your way of relaxation after a day of hardwork. It's called playing World of Warcraft. Unfortunately I have not joined the blardy gym yet. I so have to just fork out the money and join that gym so that I can sweat it out.

Yes...I'm just hating the fact of planning something that involves both parties but can only be discussed at one person's convenience. What about mine?

If looks could kill? Said person would have been pierced to death by my stare.



NT said...

Murdered someone with your look today??

Quirky said...

LOL...fortunately (or unfortunately) my looks can't really kill wor..haha

Moonfish said...

Siao! That look just crack me up man! Btw, is that a dog? Or a cat?