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Saturday, 12 April 2008

Thank you tags

Spent all my free time handcutting the tags, then cutting them again to give them the shape they are in...Hey, don't think I'm such a boring person, okay? I do get out. Was out this morning... went shopping for some clothes..but that's another story.. Maybe I will take a picture of what I bought...ahhh, but I digressed..darn :P

Made one dozen of these tags... Handwrote every single one of them. Makes it more personal, no? The reverse side is blank. You can write a short message on them if you want.

Handmade the white envelope that it comes in too. Thought it all looks nicer tucked neatly :)

They are up and ready to go out to anyone who wishes to own them :) You can get them in my Etsy shop for a very reasonable price, I assure you. Check it out if you don't believe me *winks*



Moonfish said...

Sweet! Nice hand writing. Am going to Bali. You want anything there for your upcoming craft work?

Quirky said...

wow!Super thanks for asking but I've never been to Bali..not sure what to buy..hehe..when are you going? for how long? :D

Moonfish said...

We are flying off this Friday, Coming back the next Saturday :)