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Tuesday, 8 April 2008


I'm leaving my current job for a new challenge. Well, ultimately it will still be a job that pays my bills but the challenges are way different. So, because of this, my colleagues had a so-called 'farewell' lunch with me at this restaurant called The Ship.

Hmmm...I do hope the other franchises that they have smell nicer, has nicer(newer) decor and have staffs with better attitudes. Oh, and of course, better FOOD. The moment we entered the place, the presence of a funny-smelling odour is apparent and the whole place just looks, erm, run-down. Quite a letdown, I must say. I was expecting it to be a whole lot better.

Anyway, I didn't start out to blog about the restaurant. I wanted to say this.

Corruption is easily justified.

Why do I say that? Someone on the table, let's call him KY, was telling us about his brother-in-law. A cop. Well, a retired cop with a Datukship actually. I asked him if his bro-in-law ever took bribes during his time serving the police force and he said 'No'. And then he goes on to say that when his bro-in-law climbed up the ladder and was among the top before he retired, it's norm that he gets a share of bribes. Like it's understandable to take it.

I said that he can always make a difference and say no to taking bribes or sharing the cut, whatever you call it. Then he shook his head and said that his bro-in-law never took any during the times he started out, only happened when he was amongst the top.

Isn't that even worse? I think someone should stand up and make a difference and not be afraid of the consequences. Believe in the truth and making a difference to achieve good for the country. I'm not saying starting a revolution or riots, but in believing in the truth and standing up for it. A good example of that would be Mahatma Gandhi and he never used any violence nor advocated any.

That's why I told my Dad I can never enter the police force. I will be the thorn in their flesh, that pebble in their shoe, that splinter in their eye (well, you get the drift) the moment I stand up to reject. My lifespan would certainly be short..haha. My dad would have certainly thought I'm retard and hence, I'm better off not 'serving' the country.

My alter-ego wished I had done so. My alter-ego wished I had stood up for a cause and am now making a difference in this very, very crippled country. We made it cripple. Can we heal it?


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Moonfish said...

Can we heal it? Of course! As long as we do our part. The naive thought can sometimes make you feel better, you know :)