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Monday, 19 May 2008

I'm too busy for...

You know the song with the lyrics that go something like, " I'm too sexy for my voice, too sexy for my clothes..." sung by a guy with very husky voice? hehehe...

Just replace all the words "sexy" in that song with the word "busy" and it'll be all but just approriate for me at this moment in time. Well, actually, I've been so bumped up since I started my new job a month ago. Studying, working, doing my reports almost all the time.

Work is consuming my life. I'm "working" even during my private time, back home...oh where oh where has my personal time gone? :P

I just *hope* this is a phase. I don't mind work but I am just hoping for a breathing space. Time to watch tv or read a book on my personal time without worrying about the report I'm supposed to send or do.



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