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Sunday, 15 June 2008

Arse-kicking fun! Yee-HA!!

So I found this game from someone else's website. I don't hate or like our Prime Minister. But at this point in time, I would say I'm very, very upset with the fuel hike. Sudden, unexpected fuel hike when he promised that there will be none this year.

Now it's going to cost so much more to get a full tank. And my hometown is 300over KM away from where I work. There they go promoting family togetherness and all those bullsh*t and then they raise petrol price. How to go home like that? Abolishing subsidies just after 4 hours of deliberation..WOW...why not deliberate another 4 hours and take away the stupid taxes imposed on car purchase??! So totally not fair...

My salary is not increasing but the price of everything else around me is. This is so affecting my mood.. le sigh! Can't expect us to keep tightening our belt when theirs is ever expanding..Oh you know who I'm talking about. I also need savings, k? And we, Rakyat's, savings are pittance compared to yours. You 'save' one time, we have to save a year or few, probably. LE SIGH!!

Eh-hmm...enter the game below *grins*

Not sure about you but it sure made me feel better. I'm gonna continue kicking some arse now. Till later...



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