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Thursday, 26 June 2008

Through Friendster?

Guess what I read from my message box on Friendster when I checked it yesterday? A wedding invite.

Yup. You didn't read wrongly. It's a wedding invitation sent through my message box on Friendster. And it wasn't even a personal one. It read, "Dear friend, ...".

Am not sure if a physical wedding invite is going to appear but it does seem very tacky and insincere to invite a friend (whom you have not kept in touch with for years & years...) through the internet and whatmore, through Friendster?

Probably she felt compelled to invite since she saw me during my best friend's wedding. I don't know. Whatever the case in point is, I just felt that it's utterly insincere especially since it wasn't even addressed to me...it said, "Dear friend,.."

What do you think? Am I being mean, or is this a plain show of insincerity??


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