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Sunday, 8 June 2008

"Piscine Molitol Patel"

I can't remember where I first read that this book is a bestseller. But I do know I've probably come across a few friends' webpages that mentioned about this book in passing.

Went to Borders a few weeks ago and bought books! Almost RM 200 spent on books alone *gasp* All because I went there to pick up a bargain book on stamping :) Great book that cost me only RM 10 but made me spent more just because I stepped into a place I love. I love book shops! I love books! Doesn't necessary means that I have a lot of time to read though ... a lot of my books are still sitting lonely on the bookshelf as I have not found time to indulge in them yet. But oh, how I just love the feel of a book in my hands, the world they bring me into...

So here, this is the book I'm currently reading. The Life of Pi. I hope it's good. The first few pages didn't put me to sleep...HAHA.

I still have a few books to read after this one. But already I'm thinking of what other books to buy. Probably will lay my hands on the Shopaholic series. But not sure if they are nice.. or my type yet.

Help. Chain me to a chair. Let me not into another book shop for, erm, 6 months?

* I think that's a wee bit too long*



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Anonymous said...

i love this book too! :)