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Thursday, 15 January 2009

of a Guy, a Girl and 2 cops ....

I'm in Penang! Oh, right... I already told you that in the short-talk I posted yesterday evening :)

But guess what? We drove here, and this being my virgin visit to the island of Penang.. hehe. I know. In all my 20+++ years of life (wat?? I put a lot of + behind the 20 already.... >.<), I have never stepped foot up this side of Malaysia. I've been to Kelantan and Terengganu in my teens during a school trip but I've never been to Perak, or Kedah or even Penang... sad, huh? Well, you get some, you lose some? :P

Anyway, the Mr. has been to the Pearl of the Orient before but this is his first time driving up here too. So, it's kinda like the blind leading the blind here, huh? :P

We started journey about 10pm last night as he wanted to be here so that he can see his client early the next day. So we made some calls to our Penangite friends and got some directions. The Mr. got a map too and after we grab a cuppa from Starbucks, we drove..... (brave, hor?)

It was quite easy, really. Just follow Ipoh... and after you pass Ipoh, you just follow Penang...and Georgetown (that's where we're headed). The tricky part is after the toll on the bridge into the island.

My friend gave pretty clear directions.... but we missed the landmark! Maybe it's super dark in the night (we reached about 2+ am) but we didn't see Tesco and so we didn't turn left... we just went straight. Ended up way past the roads my friend wanted us to take but was somewhere near the vicinity of the hotel we're supposed to stay in. And the Mr. did something quite daring. Ehemm, he stopped at the side of a ,hmm, roundabout. Clever, right? Cos he's not sure which way to turn.....

Called my friend and he was like, "hey, I am coming to get you guys... Just wait for me." But we didn't really want to trouble him out of his house... and that's when a police car pulled up beside ours. Of course he asked why we stopped so dangerously, to which we sheepishly looked at him... "sesat" (lost), I told him.. Anyhoo, he tried to explain the directions to us and we just kinda stared at them... and his partner, so nice I tell you, said "why don't you follow us? We'll lead you."

Wow, I tell you. I don't know about you but I rarely have conversation with cops. And we were so blessed to meet such nice cops yesterday night! Called my friend immediately to tell him not to worry and followed the police to the hotel :) Not bad, got police escort :P

So, we reached safely, washed up and plonked onto the bed... Gonna meet my ex-colleague for lunch later. Will give my friend a call as well.... might not be able to meet up with them too but he's really so kind to wake up in the middle of the night for us! Thanks man, you know who you are!!!


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