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Friday, 2 January 2009


I cut my fingernails!!! I'm refering to my short-talk on manicures, sometime, erm, last week? The one where I got my first ever manicure done?

Well, I purposely grew my nails a little bit longer (manicurist said it's not long enough) for the wedding. Now that it's over and I really don't understand how one can keep long nails.... hehe.. I took the nail-cutter and cut them all short! Oh, happy day!!

Now I feel like it's my own hands again. It was nice having french manicure, nice ladylike fingers but I really can't stand it. Well, you can't understand why I like short nails? Vice versa, babe. I can't comprehend how you grow the nails long too.

It gets in my way when I want to do housework, things get under my nail when I eat, it's hard to type away and it's not crafting-friendly :P

La-di-da... I'm a lady who's not really a lady. hah.. Give me a DSLR camera, macbook or new craft tools over LV or Gucci or Coach anytime :)

Ok. So this short-talk turned out to be not so short after all :P



renee said...

i totally totally agree with you!! for me, it started with the piano- need short fingernails to play it properly ;) .... and yes, i agree with the camera vs. gucci, etc.

though i must confess that i bought my first coach bag after my first book was published -- it was a lifelong childhood dream. (i was forced to be a girly-girl growing up)

Quirky said...

hi :)
yup. I think my keeping short fingernails started with the piano too. Then it just became a habit :)

Thanks for visiting my blog.. Hope you'll come back. By the way, checked out yours. Love yours :)