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Friday, 16 January 2009

Not helpful helpline

I'm not very happy with Hewlett-Packard. Actually I'm very annoyed. I don't think I'll ever purchase another laptop/desktop/whatever from HP anymore in the future.

Sure, my tablet PC "looks" cool. But it crashed on me twice already. And no, I don't simply open attachments or download stuffs.

And you know what? Their helpline is not helpful at all (pun intended). Firstly, the person talks with very heavy accent which makes him/her very difficult to understand, then they disconnected my line a few times, made me explain the same problem numerous times to different people and in the end, they tell me I have to go down to their Service Centre to have my recovery disk replaced. And that I will be charged.... wtf.

I have 3 years warranty extended on this baby and I am so regretting it.

Tell me, what's the use of having a Helpline (phone/email) when your ultimate response for everything is that we, the consumer, has to go to the blardy service centre???? Might as well save some resources and abolish the helpline (!).



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