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Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Our honeymoon in Bali

More to come, I hope :)

Honeymoon is not only for the newly-weds, right? I mean, it can happen anytime during the marriage.

We went to Bali for our 'first' honeymoon. Overall, it's a nice place. If you like beaches and temples (lots of them) and sightseeing, then Bali is not too shabby. Things are not exactly cheap, though. Most things are in USD and when they are not (meaning in Rupiah), it's so hard to calculate... too many zero's in their currency :P Saw a couple of foreigners with calculators in their hands! Unfortunately my phone's calculator can't fit all the digits needed, most of the time we have to rely on our brain.... haha.

I will write more on our adventures and 'misadventures' in Bali in the coming days/weeks There's always something to learn when you go to a foreign country, even if you do understand what they are bitching about the tourists... yes, Bahasa Indonesia is quite similar to Bahasa Malaysia (BM) and I am from the national school = I studied BM since I was 7 :)

For now, let's give the pictures a chance to do the talking :)

Bright sunny day.... & us

Making yarn..... Barong dance

Horse ride...... us @ Barong dance theatre

Wood Carving...sunbathing terrapin

Rice Terrace in Begalalang

Hubby & a turtle

Us and eagles, hornbill :)

Scenery in Uluwatu

In Uluwatu

Tanah Lot

Hubby drinking coconut juice....Tanah Lot

Sunset in Tanah Lot

Boy & his kite...giraffes


Hope you enjoyed the pictures :) Travelogue coming soon .....



ayumi83 said...

Tanah Lot is really beautiful place in Bali

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Quirky said...

yup... it is, ayumi. But I met a very nasty tailor in Bali and when I think of it now, I still get very mad.

Oh, and he still hasn't sent me my pants yet. I'm giving him one more week before I write to the Consulate... Well, he's the one who asked me to do that.

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