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Sunday, 16 May 2010

3 Christmases ago...

Found these photos taken 3 Christmases ago, back in 2006. I was helping out in the make-up department for the Church play.... I think it's called, "Something playing in my Ear". Correct me if I'm wrong, peeps :)

There were a few characters that we needed to put extra work on. One is Jesus... and the other is an Old Man... The pictures aren't very clear but you can see the what I mean :)

He's supposed to be covered in blood & bruises. Jesus on the way to the Cross.... It was challenging to both me & Samantha because of all the make-up needed. And to make it look like blood too! But God gave us ideas & I think we were able to pull it off :)

Ben was supposed to be an old man.... he's in his early 20s... hehe... challenging or not? We had to make him look like he had white hair too.... and his mustache as well. All fake... he ain't got a single strand of white hair....

Here's Rayson after full make-up. Suk Yin was helping him with the costume. Look really bloody, right? Well, Jesus was flogged, whipped, tortured for our sakes.... He was really hurt.

Brings back a lot of memories, these pictures :)


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