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Sunday, 12 June 2011

Of Handmade Soaps

My friend, Melissa sent me a link a couple of days ago to Indochine's Natural Handmade Soap. She bought a bar when she went back to Penang and the kind people at Indochine told her, all her friends can get a free bar too if they register on their website.

Well, I have always loved handmade stuff and have been using Michelle's handmade soap for a couple of months now. And now, I'm given a chance to try more handmade soap! Why not? :D

I'm a very happy girl when the Pos Laju guy rang my doorbell :) He was holding a small package. I forgot I registered on Indochine's website. So I asked him what it was and he said he didn't know.. haha...

I love their packaging! It's so pretty, right? And looks contemporary Oriental too :) I was like a little girl given a candy whenever I'm given a package! Can't seem to wait to rip off the wrapper on the package!

The smell is very refreshing and I can't wait to use it! For now, I'm just enjoying the packaging! :P



Indochine Natural said...

Hi, thanks for reviewing our soap.

So glad you like the packaging, something we have sweated over a LOT!!! A lot of our market is in Europe and USA where we have exported our soaps, and of course the "exotic Asian look" in these places is H-O-T. But, it is a hard sell in Asia where everyone thinks European themes are hot. So it is nice to have you complement us on the "contemporary Oriental" look.

OK, that is the packaging out of the way, now onto the main course...hope you like the soap.

All the best regards from the Indochine Natural team in Penang.


Dr. Mike Thair
Managing Director
Indochine Natural Sdn Bhd.

Melysa Yeap said...

REally? Wokie.... I will go over and take a look!