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Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Ink & watercolour

To those who know me long enough, they would know that I have been drawing and doodling since I could hold a pen :) Back in school,  I was doodling when the teacher was teaching... frankly speaking, I am not sure how I paid attention to the teacher and passed my exams since I am mostly doodling... I even mastered to doodle as if I'm taking notes!

Though, I kinda stopped doodling altogether when I advanced to college.... at that time, I somehow stopped doodling altogether. I think I stopped reading books too! (well, except textbooks.. boo hoo)

There was an obvious drought in drawing for many years in my life from college to when I started working.... it was during the last couple of years that I dived back into the 'artistic side' of my soul. Recently I have started drawing more and it feels good :)

All the illustration you see above are my originals in ink and watercolour. They are available in my Etsy shop if you wanna get your hands on them. They come in the black frame ready for you to display it.. all signed and dated... erm, the sheep stays with me.. LOL... 



yyam said...

*Sigh* I thought I could buy the sheep too *winks*

Your doodling and colouring is fabulous! You are soooooo talented! :)

Natt Smith said...

They are all so adorable !! Wishing I could draw lol