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Sunday, 8 January 2012

My Baby

Penny is the loveliest cat I can ever want :) She's gentle, cuddly and an overall good girl... she mews loudly during bath time but at least she doesn't run all around the bathroom. She just stays in one spot and mews pathetically... :P But she does like it when she's clean and fluffy white afterwards.

She has big, round shiny eyes and when she looks at you, you automatically melt... haha... But she's very, very shy.. so not many people have seen her heart-melting looks.

She loves sleeping, napping on my work chair, on the bed and on the cushion I sit on.. She looks really lovely when she sleeps too.. sometimes she covers her face with her paws :)

She has completely captured my heart.. even when she's naughty sometimes, I can't seem to get really mad at her... she's my baby and I love her! :)


1 comment:

Penni said...

Oooh she's gorgeous. I love cats, we have three in our family. You can check them out on my blog.