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Tuesday, 15 May 2012


I wouldn't say that I have a trigger-happy finger but I really do love taking pictures. I have bought quite a few cameras these last couple of years since I caught the shutter-bug but my favorites so far is my Nikon D90 and my iPhone 4s. The former, obviously because it takes way better pictures but the latter  because is so lightweight and it's all-in-one (phone, camera, games, etc). It's really helpful when you wanna take good pictures but don't want to lug a dslr around :)

For my recent trip to Melbourne, I decided to travel light and was only equipped with my iPhone 4s. In fact, the photos in the last couple of blog posts are all taken with it too. To say it for a fact, I am impressed with the camera function... it is w-a-y better than my old iPhone (the first gen) and the iPad... :)

I love the paint-peeling off the wall kinda effect on this patterned paper... it's awesomely vintage :)

And I do have a thing for turquoise.. I love that colour, somehow.

I have not done a 3 photo layout before. This is my first time doing one. The doilies have been inked as I wanted it to have a bit of colour as opposed to being stark-white against the background. As you can see, I love inking the sides of all the papers... 

This trip to Melbourne was awesome. I met with my aunt & uncle who went to visit and accompany my grandma back, spent time with my grandma, cousins and aunt & uncle who hosted us :) It was a very family-close-to-heart-kinda trip :)


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