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Sunday, 13 May 2012


I am slowly finding back my creative-side and my mojo after our big move to the US sometime in March. It was floating around in hotels and motels and then finding a place to call our home for the next couple of years, to finally settling in.

Honestly, I said it's a big move because it really is. Whoever said packing and moving is a piece of cake either meant a piece from one huge a*s of a cake or they had plenty of help (or paid movers to do it!)... oh, and the "big move" I meant is the moving-out-of-the-country-kind, not the moving from house-to-house-kinda-moving. They are really different... you have to experience it to know what I'm talking about.

But, I guess, doing it a couple more times will definitely make things easier (chuckles)... yes, I aspire to be like Travelingmama and experience life in many different places :) 

I do know that I have not been keeping this blog alive with interesting or creative feeds for quite a while now (the occasional smattering of low quality posts is really below par.. sorry about that) and I hope this fresh start in the States will also be a fresh start for my blog and my craft. For instance, I have finally started doing more 12x12 layouts, something I don't really do back home. 

I love kangaroos... they are so cute when they hop and these were wild.. I had to creep very near them to capture these shots with my iPhone.. yes, it's taken with the iPhone 4s, so you can imagine how close I was to them. Good thing they did not charge over and punch-kick me! :P

Loving the woodgrain PP

I really do hope my 'readers' will come back and frequent my blog again. I hope it used to be an inspiration for some of you and I hope it will be again. Please do leave me a comment to say 'hi' if you drop by.. don't be shy! 


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~amy~ said...

This is a wonderful layout...can't believe you were that close to them. Awesome woodgrain paper!