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Thursday, 1 November 2007

T-shirt Not Nice...

I got this reply, " Hi, Can I cancel my order for the Terry Fox Run t-shirt cos I just checked out the link you sent. It's not nice wor."

My blood was just about to reach boiling point when I finish reading the sentence. I think this has to be a one in a million response. It's a wonder how I could calmly think of a response that's (I think) tactful yet straight to the point.

My response, " Hi, we're doing this for charity. Not because the t-shirt is nice or otherwise. You can cancel your name from the list. No problem."

To which I receive a reply stating, "Oh, I'm sorry I forgot the real purpose of buying the t-shirt. You don't have to cancel my name off the list."

Well, up till before I left the office, the said person has not paid me. If said person still does not make a payment before cut-off time tomorrow, I will just omit said person's name. It would be futile and quite dumb of me to make payment for said person first as he/she already said the t-shirt is not nice wor (slang).

I need to get over this... Sleep. Sleep shall cure this. Just not let me find out who this person is. Plain idiotic (I'm lost for words..how should I describe this).


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