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Saturday, 17 November 2007


Gosh.. I haven't blogged in number of days. Was I that busy? Was there so much to do that I forgot about blogging? Or was I simply just too caught up with other things? ahhh... I know the answer. I think I was just LAZY.

Writer's block doesn't help and so are certain issues that I shouldn't raise in a blog where some people really do know who I am. If only I have an alter ego. Hmmm..which gets to think that having a blog where no one knows who you are is good. You can rant and rant about anything in life and no one penalizes you cos they don't know who you are :D


But I might not be that hardworking to set up another blog site. I'm LAZY.

Need to get back to crafting too. Business is slow for me on
Etsy and I've been suffering from a bout of NON-CREATIVE-itis. And LAZY-itis. Better take some antibiotics and get well soon!

Will be posting up pictures of my crafts soon! Watch this space :D



viper said...

I wonder who's more lazy. You or me?

AngelicQuirk said...

Not sure. You tell me :P