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Thursday, 1 November 2007

Really, it's Unofficial..

yes, I assure you. I didn't know what I was getting myself into.

You see, I was all charged up to go for the Terry Fox Run in KL this coming Sunday. Being all charged up like a Duracell bunny (cos Energizer's logo ain't a bunny), I decided to encourage my fellow colleagues to join the good cause.

.... And I was rejected. Hmmm, early in the morning and I was rejected. Not a good way to start the day. Excuse = Sunday is the only day I can sleep in..

"duh, same here partner, same here."

Dissappointed as I was by his response, I was still charged. You see, Duracell bunnies last REaaaL long (note:not a Duracell sponsored post..haha) and then it hit me! Another way I can raise awareness is by sending an email on the event to ALL the Klang Valley staff!! And there's plenty of us. Even with the harshest law of possibilities applied, I'm still definitely gonna get something from someone :D

So, I composed my email and took an excerpt from the Terry Fox Run website and proceeded to send out the mail.

Wow! Within minutes of pressing the 'Send' button, my phone was ringing off the hook!! But, erm, they were all asking me if they can buy the t-shirt from me. Note the word 'from' :)
I'm not even an official volunteer from the Terry Fox Run committee! Nevertheless, I'm guessing most of them responded cos in the last line of my email sent out, I wrote, "If you're too LAZY or too BUSY to run, buy a t-shirt and donate for a good cause."

Hmmm...maybe that's why they thought they can buy from me...haha. I meant it in a very general way. Go click on the hyperlink I created and find out how you can purchase from there.

Anyway, for a good cause and if I actually responded by asking them to do that, I don't think many will. So, I took up the role of the 'Unofficial Volunteer Coordinator' for this event in my office :D

Boy, it was not easy. So many phone calls and emails came pouring in. And erm, one particular one from Compliance saying I'm not suppose to use office mail for personal works. To which I politely replied that it's not my personal works. All I did was sent out an awareness email and was suddenly 'volunteered' to do it.

I think I did quite a good job so far. Preparing the spreadsheet. Making sure I double check who paid and who has not.

I will be collecting the t-shirts tomorrow from SJMC. Thank God for the arrangement. Actually, I think He arranged everything. He wanted me to do this. You see, I already took half day leave to visit a Dr in SJMC tomorrow. And the new t-shirts stock are arriving tomorrow at 2pm. There's a shortage at the moment.

Can you see how creatively HE orchestrated everything? Making sure everything laid out properly?

God is an AMAZING God and none can deny it :D He showed me to do good, be gracious and He is teaching me how to organize, coordinate and plan, even if it's the very basic.

Thank you, Lord ~Amen~


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