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Friday, 25 July 2008

Bunny Fever

Images of cute bunnies. Suddenly felt like googling at some bunny pictures :P
They are so soft and cuddly, aren't they?

Haha.. this is so random :P

Todays' been a good day for me :) And I'm happy with the events of the day. Quite happy with my self-control as well..hehe.

I *so* wanted to buy more Moleskines but I managed to leave without purchasing any :P ... oh, there's 20% discount off some Moleskines at Kinokuniya, if you buy something else with it. I think that's quite a good bargain. Bought all of mine with no discounts, okay? *SO* tempted to buy a few more but it's ok. I will splurge at year-end..

*insert evil laughter*



Anonymous said...

i want more Moleskines too! been avoiding Kinokuniya because i made a promise to myself that i'll used up what I have now before buying another.

Quirky said...

Hi Andrea :) Visited your blog. It's really nice. Love your crafts too :)

Oh, update..I saw Moleskines on 25% discount in CZipLee. sigh.. I *barely* walked out of there without one..LOL.. I'm not sure. I might just go back there and get one (or a few -.-") :P

*Chain me to a chair!!!! HAHAHAHAHA*

Anonymous said...

yeah, CZipLee has a nice selection. there's another shop at The Curve that sells Moleskine too (i forgot name but I remember they were the first to start selling Moleskine in KL. not sure if they have discounts at this moment though...)

oh. i visited your Etsy - you go girl! :) good stuff.

Quirky said...

The shop in Curve, is it called TangoMango? Are they the first to start selling Moleskine? But I find their prices quite expensive compared to CZipLee or Kinokuniya. But then I might be mistaken :)

Borders, The Curve used to have them at quite good price.

Do you list your things on Etsy to sell too? :)

Anonymous said...

oh i think so... can't remember. if i'm not mistaken they were the first... like more than a year ago... and yeah, they were kinda pricey though i'm not sure about now since other places started to carry Moleskines now.

as for etsy, not yet... still considering... how's the sales like for you? how much do you pay to post up your stuff?

hey, maybe we can meet up one of these days :) i promise you i am not an axe murderer :p

Quirky said...

I just checked out that shop not too long ago. Still the same price :)

Well, honestly, it's not easy to do business on Etsy. Too many sellers but I don't really know where else to sell. probably need to do more research online :) USD0.20 per listing.

Yeah sure! We can arrange to meet up :)

Anonymous said...

Well etsy is the globally popular one. For Malaysia, i think there's a few... The one i found quite good is Zoolzoo (http://www.zoolzoo.com/). Am thinking of trying that one. but still under consideration :) first I need to stock up anyway. hehe

oh cool... maybe we can meet up one of the weekends. just gimme a buzz through my website or something.. have a good weekend!

Quirky said...

Yeah, I need to stock up too :P
Yup, we'll try to arrange through the website. You can leave me msgs on my Cbox too. at least more visible than comments *grins*

You have a great weekend too! :)