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Sunday, 13 July 2008

First try ...

So, here's few pictures I've drawn and colored using my Copic Ciao. The colors glide on so beautifully but I think I need more improvements :) I need to work at it more. Hopefully, I will post up more beautiful pictures using my Copic (it really is a dream).

Gonna make this into my bookmark. Will post the finished product when it's done :)

These baby eli-s..hmmm..haven't really thought about it yet. It could end up as gift tags, on a card or oh, I don't know. But you are most welcome to give suggestions :)



Kimberly Monaco said...

love the little elephants! I think you should just frame them like that.. would be adorable in a childs room.

Quirky said...

hehe..thanks Kimberly :) But they're kinda tiny elephants at the moment..Baby ones :P

I'll draw some bigger ones and frame them up *grins*

You just gave me a great idea :) Thanks!!