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Sunday, 13 July 2008

Under the weather

Was feeling rather under the weather the last week hence the lack of updates. Feeling turmoil in my mind and my heart. Oh why am I so easily influenced in the heart? My heart softens rather easily. Good sign actually (come to think of it). It only means I won't *suffer* as much when God is molding me. Molding a soft(er) clay most definitely is better (I won't say much easier) than molding a rock, hard one.. might break and that would be disastrous. Might take extra time too, much more time.

I promise to take pictures of my new crafts and post them up. Soon! I have been suffering from lack-of-creative-juices too.

On a side note, BF bought me a set of 36 Copic Ciao markers the other day and oh, I so LOVE them him!! *grins*

Thanks dear :) You know the key to my heart *winks*



viper said...

I so LOVE them him!!


Quirky said...

I shall amend it...LOL