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Wednesday, 23 July 2008


... if there is anyone out there who procrastinates like me, kindly let me know that I am not alone.

Perhaps it truly is real that there are many Albert Einsteins, Bruce Chatwins, Michaelangelos, Leonardos or Ernest Hemingways imploring us to discover them within ourselves but because of our procrastinating habits, we live one day at a time, dreaming to be like one of them but never taking action to materialize our dreams.

I know I have dreams. Sometimes too many, I think.

Yes, I may not be in my teens anymore but I am allowed to have dream-s. It is true as well that as we age and have more commitments (monetary-wise especially) that we move further and further away from our dreams and aspirations. We are afraid. Afraid of losing our financial means, afraid of stepping into the unknown but also, thinking there's always a tomorrow.

Well, tomorrow comes and goes and then comes another tomorrow but there's only so many 'tomorrows' in a persons' life, No? Are we going to fulfill our potential?

*I'm talking to myself in this post. I have a lot of things outstanding in my 'Dream List' *


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