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Friday, 18 July 2008

Of days lacking creative juices..

I must be really lacking creative juices if all I'm going to upload on this post is a picture of me..HAHAHAHAHAHAHA..

Yup. I've been a *bit* (note: it's not really a bit, you know?) swamped emotionally and work wise lately. Both aspect expected to be back on equilibrium status soon. Albeit, the word *soon* is not properly defined in this case and so I shall not know when *soon* will be. It can be a day, a week, a month or even a minute... Yeah, quite loosely put but well, that's the best I can describe it at the moment.

I shall now leave you with a photoshopped (did I spell it correctly..oh wait, is there such a word?) photo of me :P

Pouty me with mah Lumix :)



Moonfish said...


Quirky said...

haha...pouty me...LOL
I love the contrast of color making the picture a bit vintage-like :P

Moonfish said...

It looks like Lumix advertisement in photo magazine.

Quirky said...

Whoa..maybe I should ask Lumix to endorse me...LOL...need to photoshop the laptop out, though..it's HP..

wait... I can ask both of them to be my sponsors...LOL...ROFL :P