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Saturday, 15 August 2009

What just arrived!!!

My art supplies package just arrived from the US!!!!

Ooooh, I'm loving my stamps, punchers and papers!!! Oh, how happy can a girl get?


ppssssstt... can you hear me squealing in delight all the way from where ever you are? :P



Cindy Lee said...

Yes, I can hear you all the way here in Penang :) I just ordered my supplies last week and I'm waiting here anxiously.

Quirky said...

LOL.... you'll get yours soon, I'm sure! :) Mine was shipped out last week too!

Janetcaft said...

Wow, Quirky and Cindy,...you guys are crazy over the tools too....pretty costly right...? Cant even wanna stop once you stepped into the world of arts...haha...