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Sunday, 30 August 2009

Bookmarks for kids!

I bought some Dotted Swiss Bazill papers after falling in love with it! And now, I think you might see quite a lot of cards with this background for a while... :P I will *try* to remember to use normal cardstock but no promises!

Anyway, my aunt asked me to help make some bookmarks for her. It's for some 7 year old kids that she teaches.

It's easier to make girly bookmarks but boyish ones? aiks... I think I might have problems with that.... cos I don't have any stamps with cars or trains or boyish stuff... I think I know what to buy in the near future to add to my massively growing stash! :)

Thankfully, DH never really asks how much I spent on all these art supplies. That and also the fact that he really supports the things that I do :)

So here's 2 designs so far. I will have to make another one de
sign at least... something more boyish... oh, and my aunt wants me to add the words 'God loves you'. Hmmm... I'm thinking to either stamp them on or print them out and paste them on the bookmark... what do you think?

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~amy~ said...

cutie pie bookmarks my dear!!

Quirky said...

thanks amy! :)