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Friday, 18 September 2009

Happy Holidays... and lotsa getting used to

There's still so much of getting used to that I need when using Mac. It's supposed to be really friendly but there's so much of "windows" still left in me....

So much to learn on how to use this machine....

Anyway, here's a card to share with you today. It's not from any challenges... Just a Christmas card I thought of making. This is a flat card... should be very cost efficient :)

Hope you like it! :)

Code : HH0006
Status : Available!



Cindy Lee said...

Cool!! Great stamping :)

Guess what...i burned a hole in my pocket yesterday ;) I bought some punches and lots of paper. Gonna eat maggi mee for the rest of the month.

~amy~ said...

LOVE this sista!!!!

Savitri said...

Hey look! I can get on your blog!!!! This card is GORGEOUS! Love how soft it is and the snowflakes. You put a lot but they go so well. When I put a lot of flakes my card looks ridiculous! :)

Ohh, I LOVE my Mac. I'm an any system kind of user... I even like Linux machines... but my fave is the Mac. You'll get use to it! At work I use both side by side and I have to try hard to remember which one I'm so that my keyboard shortcut will work :P