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Sunday, 1 November 2009

M's Sketch Challenge #3

I made it into Top 10 for M's 2nd Sketch Challenge! :D

And now, on to her 3rd Challenge! :) These days, I've been kinda 'tied' up with things and have not participated in as many challenges as I would love too but I will try not to miss M's challenges :) Really have to up my game and participate more.

Here's my card for M's challenge :

Code : HH0015

And here's the reason why I've been missing so much! :)

Hubby's a kitty person.... I, well, love dogs a little bit more but cats are easier to keep a little bit since they toilet-train quite well :)

He's been a cutie... kinda agressive and hyper-active but I think it's just cos he's a little kitty. But I want him to be hyper... fun watching him dashing here and there! :P



~amy~ said...

awwwww.....aren't you 3 just CUTE!!!!!!!

Love your card too:)

Cindy Lee said...

Hey sweetie! How is it to take care of a kitty?? It's fun isn't it??

Lovely card as always!

Savitri said...

keut kete prete card i luv ketes to hugs emma

Hey girl, uhm I'm not sure which M loves better. You distracted her with the kitty. Your card might not get selected but your kitty might ha ha ha... seriously, that's what M was oogling at most :P Thanks so much for playing, esp. with your busy schedule!!! We really appreciate it!!!!!

Rose said...

fantastic card. and i love the cute kitty!! they are so much fun :0)

Winter said...

Cute card and kitty! :)