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Friday, 20 November 2009

Oh, this I love :)

I know I have been missing in blog-o-land for a while.... pardon me. I believe this cycle of MIA (missing-in-action) will happen periodically. If I can help it, I would want to make and post a card a day but due to workload and commitments, I sometimes will have to 'disappear' for a while. But I do try to look at your blogs and leave a comment or two.... most times I just lurk, but I am around. I miss you as much or more than you miss me :)

Ok, here's a piece of good news (for me, anyways :P). I made a card to enter a contest in a LSS last month and I'm so blessed to be chosen as one of their two winners!!! The challenge was to create a card that uses pink as the predominant colour.

Here's my card .... and I'm biased but I love it! :P

Code : AO0062



~amy~ said...

woot woot sista...it is 'absolutely fabulous'!!!

Moonfish said...

I think this is a bold design. Strong colour contrast and the tag line is seriously absolutely fabulous... oh... did I just echo~~~?

teacher jessy said...

I totally love this card & the technique used is awesome!! No surprise you are one of Papier's Pink Card Challenge winner :)