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Monday, 23 November 2009

Thanks so Much!

There have been some changes in my workplace lately. My head of department recently resigned and left. Well, as much as I have my grouses against him sometimes and yes, we do butt heads (I am not and can never be a 'yes-lady')... but he is overall, a good boss. He gave me a chance eventhough I had no experience in our current line of work and he gave me the flexibility and confidence to get to where I am. I know there's still so much more to achieve but he definitely did give us a good base.

I do miss his presence in the office. He will come by our workstations once in a while for a chat or to have some snacks.. haha... and he's the one who 'almost' all the time decides where to go for lunch.... sigh....

But I wish him all the best in his future undertakings. He will do his best to lead a new department in his new workplace.... :)

Here's a close-up of the card I made for him..

Code : TY0013



yyam said...

I love the colours you've chosen for your card...classy and chic.

Change inevitably brings about discomfort...hope things look up for you in the workplace! :)

~amy~ said...

fabulous card...love the bling and the velvet...he's going to love it!

Cindy Lee said...

This is gorgeous!! Now I wish I bought that stamp.

My boss is leaving too...next month. How sad. All of us are anticipating a big change in our dept...sigh :(

Annie said...

nice :)