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Friday, 6 November 2009

Friends to the end

This is another card I made for M's 3rd Sketch Challenge :) Savitri said that I may have jeopardize my changes to get my last card picked cos I showed my kitty's picture in the same post as the card and M was oogling at that more than my card so, I had to do something, right? LOL

Well, actually I was hoping to use this owl stamp for the longest time but I kept having no idea on what to do with it.... and looking at 365 Cards' Day 250 challenge, I decided to combine M's sketch and 365 Cards' Challenge. How am I doing it? eh-hmmmm, by being a little rebel :P

M, don't worry, I didn't rebel on your sketch... :P

I'm rebelling on 365 Cards' challenge... hehe.... the challenge is to create a card inspired by Mondrian's art. I googled Mondrian and wow, his art is simple yet interesting :) So, I didn't use his 'sketches' but instead used his colours on my card :)

See the red, yellow and blue? That's Mondrian-inspired :) Rebelling? Erm, not too much I hope... Gloria should still be the resident rebel, I wouldn't dare take that 'glory' away from her... LOL

Code : FC0005



Winter said...

Cute! Love the little owls! :)

~amy~ said...

Okay, I LOVE this..you knew that I would, right?!!! Is that an American Crafts owlie stamp??!!!! Do Tell...Now...I must have it...LOL.

Cindy Lee said...

Ok...those owlies are soooo CUTE!! And this is such a fun card!

Btw, I have something for you on my blog.

Rose said...

i LOVE the owl stamp!! quick tell me where you found it before you tell amy!! ;0) and your a good rebel if i say so myself lol fantastic card and i so love the owls :0)

Savitri said...

keut card lov the awls hugs emma ann wilder

Hey, this is ADORABLE!!!! Love it! And uhm yeah, M was more focused on your card this time :P Thanks for working with her sketch again!!! Love it!

Ok, ya know what, it must be my home Internet that doesn't like your blog. It took forever to get to this page!! At work it takes a bit long but not crazy long! Not sure why.