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Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Thank you..... new shoes! :P

I love taking pictures in natural light. The effect it has is always more beautiful than I can ever imagine. Those who knows me knows that I'm not a big fan of using the flash. I will try to use whatever natural lighting there is.... but sometimes, flash comes in handy. It's better to edit the pictures later than have out of focus or blur photos.... 

Here's a card I made using one of the PTI sets that I seriously under-utilize :) Some people are great at this set but I struggle... LOL....

Code : AO0112

Oh, some sidetrack.... I bought a couple of new shoes for work the past week! haha... shoe shopping is a rare thing for me cos it's hard to find my size. Well, maybe if I were in US or Singapore, it would make my life easier but being a size 8 or 9 in Malaysia can be a bit challenging. 

I am so used to the salesperson telling me that they don't have my size anymore that I find myself only buying shoes when the one I'm wearing fails on me. So, I'm pretty satisfied that I managed to find some that I like & fits me! :)

Have a great week!


1 comment:

Cindy Lee said...

You are a size 8? High 5 girlfiend!! Some of my friend called me giant...lol :) Lovely card as always! You sure have LOTS of PTI stamps!