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Saturday, 7 August 2010

Time flies

Wow... how time flies... I can't believe that I have not posted anything in 2 weeks! and the weeks just flew by... my oh my.

I am still around, in case you're wondering. Just got caught up with too many things that are happening recently (well, and the new job) hence the lack of posts lately. Been feeling so tired that I don't have the mood to edit or write blog post... tsk tsk tsk... what kind of a blogger am I, right? haha... maybe I have to be disqualified as a blogger .... haha.

Anyway, here's sharing a card that I made with you... hope that you'll like it :)

Code : AO0111



Kathy Martin said...

Creative card! Love that stamped card! :)

xiumaiyuki said...

What a cheery card! The ribbon treatment is lovely.

and I totally understand about the lack of blogging. That thing called life sometimes gets in the way! *wink*