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Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Learning curves

This card will be going out to someone who's really sweet and a dear friend :) To be honest, I never expect to meet such nice, genuine people in the blogosphere but I did and I really appreciate you girls :) I know I may not be the best blog-friend cos I don't send things out to you as much as I would like to.. but you girls are really dear to me. 

I may not have as much time on my hands now as before but I am loving the challenges of a much bigger portfolio, new things to learn, to grasp. Well, the learning curve is always the 'hardest' and once that is tackled, life will get 'easier'. I am still going through that but hope that things will be smoother soon. 

Regular posting will resume soon, I hope. I haven't crafted in nearly a month! All these cards were created the week I was on leave before I started my new job! :P

Code : AO0121



Anonymous said...

I love the pop of colours of the heart, really brightens up the card.

All the best at work. Take it easy. Thats what I tell myself too.. m on a new job too.. cheers!!

~amy~ said...

That working thing sure does disrupt the whole crafting thing, doesn't it?!!! ugh...well, you take it easy...your card is darling...such sweet pops of colors!!!

Cindy Lee said...

I'm loving this card! The colors are really fun! I hope everything goes well with your new job, sweetie!