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Thursday, 28 October 2010

Friends to the end

Gosh.... mojo-less and having the writer's block both at the same time... hahaha... potent combination of death! :P

Today is a good & bad day for me... more good than bad, though I wish it was a good-good day with very itsy-bitsy bad in it instead of the one I had to face. Managed to meet up with my friend cum business partner and then catch up with my camera-enthusiast friend :) Wish I had more time to spend with them both, though.

But then early in the morning, one of my clients 'forgot' we had a prior arrangement to meet up... sigh... The world doesn't revolve around him alone so it's ok. Anyway, he was apologetic and said we'll meet another day. Well, things happen and when they do, it's not always for the worst. Maybe I'm not meant to meet up with him today :) And for whatever reasons, no use to get too worked up. 

God always has a higher way so I have to trust Him for whatever happens :)

Here's my card to share with you today.... something simple and elegant (whenever there's pearls, I feel that it's more elegant :P)

Code : AO0135

What do you think?



Anonymous said...

I love this card. Its so pretty. Love the doily border, ribbon and yes those elegant pearls..

Hang in there.... its always a challenge initially, you know you can do it! :D

~amy~ said...

oooohhhh....I think this is my new fav card by you..that's how much I like it:)

Hang in there sista!

Shirl said...

You're right hun, there's always a reason for whatever happens... better choose to be happy! Keeps you looking young too ;)

Love your card... really nice touch with the pearls!

And see ya tomorrow!

Hugs xxx

Traveling Mama said...

My goodness! This is completely gorgeous!! I have adopted the Arabic "enshahallah" (God willing) to my daily life. Nothing is written in stone, but if the Lord wills it, then it will happen! :-)

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Cindy Lee said...

This is amazing!! I really love it! I think you should submit to CARDS! Give it a try!

I always think that things happen for a reason. So when things does not work out the way I want it to, I just accept it :)

Emily Leiphart said...

WOW, I just love these mellow colours together! You do fabulous things with PTI. It's just too bad they don't value their customers.