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Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Sip & Relax

I'm inspired by both Wplus9's Colour Cue {9} Challenge and 2S4Y Kazan's Sketch #64. Love the soft colours in the challenge which serves as a little reminder for Breast Cancer Awareness as well. I used to work for a pharmaceutical company and my colleague who's in charge of Herceptin (for Her-2 type breast cancer) would give us some pink ribbons to attach on our clothes or bag when we were out visiting doctors. 

Here's my take on both the colour cue challenge and the sketch :)

Code : AO0143

Can you see another set that I rarely use? lol.... Love this teapot set too but, again, I don't use it enough.... I didn't buy as many sets from PTI this year, don't think I would be eligible for the free anniversary set next year :P But then again, I am not too pleased with the way they handle customer's concerns. 

Remember when I asked about feedback on postal to the US? It was sent to PTI. Some of the epoxy stickers were damaged and they said I could send it back for a replacements. So I did, with registered mail... last October! And they said they never received it. I gave them the tracking number and they said it only shows the item reaching US but not to their doorstep so they cannot send me a replacement. I am speechless.... why would I spend money to send back the items then? and it was USD7 for both the epoxy stickers. If I knew they were going to shrug responsibilities so easily, I wouldn't have sent it back... just use the ones that are not damaged. Feels like I'm at the total losing end in this :(



yyam said...

What a sweet card! Love the teapot! :)

P/s: That's really bad customer service. They should have offered you some discount or something...meet in the middle. :(

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about this. That is bad cust service.. i buy lots of stuff from pti too. It would totally piss me off too with such a service, after all they do charge a premium.. hmm... thks for sharing.

Love your teapot, and great colour combo:).

Shirl said...

So sorry to hear about your bad experience with PTI. I've never bought from them before, so I can't really comment, but they ought to have offered some sort of compromise since you did have proof of your returned shipping!

Another thing is I do know that the postal systems can be really crappy. The last time I had a damaged package, it took me 1 year to finally get compensation back from the post office!

That's a really lovely teapot card you have there :)

~amy~ said...

Love your sweet card...great job combining the challenges...I want to do the color challenge one..maybe this weekend.

hmmm...I just had a convo about customer service with one of my bosses...that's pretty terrible that they didn't just say, "Hey, we'll just go ahead and send you replacements and refund your cost out of pocket." Perhaps you need to take it up a notch?

Kathy Martin said...

Your card is soooooo sweet! I love the flower on the teapot! :)

Craftylicious said...

lovely card Evelin! the tea pot is really adorable..!! :)

I have to agree that it's really terrible customer service..they should have offered you something at least...moreoever you do shop quite a bit from them...perhaps you can try speaking to them again? poor gurl! I hope you'll be compensated in some way..it does seem like you're at the losing end..

Kazan Clark said...

so beautiful and elegant - I love this take on the sketch
Thanks for joining us at 2S4Y this week
:) Kazan

Emily Leiphart said...

What a beautiful card, Evelin!

I hear you on the PTI issue. I'm in Canada and I've been trying to get them to change their outrageous shipping charges for the past year, ever since I started buying their products. They gave me the most ridiculous reasons as to why they charge as much as they do. Too many of their packages so missing so they have to insure everything. As if we're supposed to believe that the post office is stealing all their packages! Do you think charging $25 to ship a $5 die is reasonable? Give me a break! They do very well and there's no excuse that they can't accommodate those of us who spend so much money to support their company. They make me so mad that I believe all international customers should stop buying their product if they want to treat us that way.

Elise said...

This is LOVELY! From one "gifted" procrastinator to another, I apologize for taking so long to get by to give you some love: it was, clearly, worth the wait! I adore that stamp and image and your use of the W9 Colors is splendid, indeed! Thanks for sharing your talent with us! I hope, hope, hope that you'll check out the "colorful fun" we have on tap, this month! Thanks, again!

Dawn said...

I just love the little label you've created, I could see this on a gift tag for tea gift set as well.

Thanks for playing along with us at Wplus9!

PS...so sorry to hear about your customer service issues. I hope you've gotten it all ironed out by now.