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Thursday, 7 October 2010

Challenge... challenge

I guess most of you know that I'm a card-maker at heart.... there are times when I dabble in mini albums and small projects but I seem to shy away from 12x12 scrapbook LO :P

And yes, I'm still a bit shy..... I am definitely making a commitment to make two 12x12 pages by end of October but erm, for now, here's a 6x6.... start small, then we work our way up, k? :D

This LO is based on this "Photo Inspiration Challenge" by Papier. Here's the very lovely photo... how not to be inspired? *winks*


Very lovely kitchen and colours, no? I love it! It looks so clean and fresh... and since I don't create LOs a lot, I had to think quite hard to create mine.. hehe... I wish I'm a tad bit like Jessy, Amy or Savitri. They seem to create LOs effortlessly :)

Anyway, here's my take based on the photo above. This is an 'up-cycled' calendar... you know, those table calendar we throw away each year end? I hoarded saved some and it's proving to be useful! I love that it's already sturdy and makes a nice piece of art, ya? :)

Photo quality is not as good as I want it to be cos I took it at night and lighting is not fantastic. I love taking pictures in the morning or afternoon... the colours are always lovelier! :) The cardstock base is hand-stamped and then coloured to match the tiles on the photo.

I used glossy accent to highlight some of the tiles too and even misted the base and the flowers with gold iridescent spray. It looks a little sparkly :) Oh, and thank you Cindy for the lovely lace ribbon and doily... they help make this project work! :)

Love how it's already made to stand on the table! hehe... yeshhh, I'm lazy so this helps! :)



~amy~ said...

::thud:: girl...this is absolutely gorgeous!!!! I love what you've done..from the upcycling to every single detail that you've added! Woot woot!!

teacher jessy said...

Great that u r inspired by the colors in the kitchen photo!! Awesome take on the challenge & love how u used the tiles as part of ur inspiration too. Tq for playing along!

Shirl said...

Simply gorgeous!!! It doesn't seem to look like a challenge to you at all! You definitely rocked it! :)

P.S: I've always knew that those old table calendars I hid in my cabinet would come in handy one day...LOL, you just gave me an inspiration for a project! Thank you! I'll post it up when its done!

annieambriel said...

wow... Love this bright and gorgeous work.. Feel the sunshine and joy in this peace.. love the colourings and embelliers.

annieambriel said...

wow... Love this bright and gorgeous work.. Feel the sunshine and joy in this peace.. love the colourings and embellies.

Cindy Lee said...

You did such a great job that I think you should do more layouts from now on! Seriously! What a lovely piece of art!

Alina Grace's Domain said...

Oooo.....this is gorgeous! Can make me one?

Craftylicious said...

Beautifully done! Ever since I started scrapbooking, I collect just about anything and everything! Now I know that those table calenders have sum use..I shud start collecting them too lol..! ;)

Savitri said...

So now that you did two of these you NEED to do that first 12x12. It really is not that bad. You don't have to use up the whole page :)