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Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Hola! :)

Hey peeps.... it's been a long while since I last updated this blog. I'm such a bad blogger, huh? :P So sorry for leaving this space 'empty' and unattended. Not that I have a lot of readers, hehe, but those who actually came may have also left cos there's no updates for too long? 

*please come back...... LOL*

I'm back and will not only be updating pictures of my cards, ramblings about my life but also sharing some tutorials, albums and notebooks! :) Still afraid to venture into scrapbooking those 12x12 LOs so I may start smaller... we'll see how things goes *winks*

Oh, and I absolutely love this rose ring that I found in a quaint little shop. 

pictured with it is my wedding band :)

I saw it the first time I went but I didn't buy it and couldn't stop thinking about it! and when I went back the second time, I was worried that it would have already been sold but it's still there waiting for me! :D 

*happy dance*



Shirl said...

Hi Evelin, it has been a pleasure to meet you last Sat! Will be watching this space for your arty updates! :)

~amy~ said...

I'll always be eagerly stalking your blog for new updates sista:) Your ring is fabulous...meant to be with you since it was waiting for you!!