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Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Find us, meet us, take us home at.....

AngelicQuirk and Square Art are going to be at the Handmade Market organized by Team Etsy Malaysia on the 5th March (this coming Saturday!!!) at Lex, Empire Shopping Gallery Subang :) 

Lex is on the 2nd floor of the shopping gallery... you won't miss it! Just look for the Lex Slide... the longest (or was it highest...) indoor slide in Malaysia! :)

This is one event you wouldn't want to miss if you love unique handmade items that are lovingly made! One of a kind items that you can't find mass-produced because we love to make our products unique and we take pride in making them so! :)

AngelicQuirk will be showcasing more new products... think lifestyle items and more stationary love for you! Square Art will be showing you that being 'square' is the new cool and how you can achieve that! :) 



Blossom inch said...

wow, great I will be there!

Triton Lim said...

hi, me first time know about this. this square art still got? N i also 1st time know this jaya art crafty...too
can i Join?

Evelin said...

Hi Triton, you can click on the Square Art link and it will bring you to our blog & FB page.

These events were organized by Team Etsy Malaysia. You have to be a member to join :)