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Sunday, 6 March 2011

Handmade Market, Lex Empire Gallery

We were at Lex, Empire Gallery Subang last Saturday. It was the first Handmade Market organized in that mall and it was fun! :) Well, the crowd was not as encouraging as the previous markets that I've participated in but it was fun! I guess there was not enough publicity yet (or they were not shameless enough in telling people about the event, as my friend puts it... hahahahaha)

Here's some pictures of my booth & stuffs :) I shared a booth with Square Art and my resident photographer/postcard buddy was there too!

I guess the organizers really have to step it up to promote the Handmade Market better to draw in the crowd.. especially cos they are on the 2nd floor of the mall and hidden in one corner.. Some feedback I heard from people were that the people at the information counters were not fully informed, there were not enough buntings and clear signages... my dad even had to put one of the bunting up properly on his way down the escalator... seems it was overturned.. someone must have knocked it over... hmmmm

That said, because the crowd was not as packed, it gave me the chance to go mingling with the other sellers and take lotsa pictures! Something I was never able to do at other craft markets! Well, pros and cons! hahahaha.... Still, I'm willing to go give it another try if there's another handmade market there... cos I like the fun people I surround myself with :)

A special thanks to my parents, grandma & aunt who came to support me too... It really means a lot to me! And as always, my hubby is there to help me & keep me company :) He's the sweetest! Oh, and Alvin (postcard/photographer) was around the whole day on Saturday too so I was not alone... yeay! :)

The partners-in-crime :)



Blossom inch said...

Hi! Evelin, so many things handmade by you. My apologies for not able to make it last week was busy with my girl. Until next time, see you!

vivacela said...

Hhahaha...too bad the craft fair is in KL, otherwise i wld hv visited ur store!