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Thursday, 10 March 2011

A learning process

Life is a learning process... no matter where we are in life, what titles or positions we have or had under our belts, or how old we are, there are always things out there for us to experience and learn. Because we can never finish learning everything that life has to offer.

But one of the few things I've learned so far is to be true to yourself. To be honest and sincere in the things that we do. To be happy doing it and if sharing, share genuinely. We answer to God and to ourselves. So if we can honestly justify our actions to God and to ourselves, then no one else's opinions matter.

Principles and ethics of life needs to be adhered to.

We cannot stop people from their actions but theirs is not for us to judge. We just need to take care of our own actions. Be true to ourself.

And be happy doing it. This is a whole new phase of life for me and I'm loving all the lessons being thrown my way :)


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Alina Grace's Domain said...

Well said!!! Everyday is indeed a learning process and we can't change the way things are around us. Most importantly is that we know that we are Love and nothing is out of its order. Just go with the flow and all will fall into place.......