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Wednesday, 18 May 2011

From where I stand...

....I can see the past. Things that have taken place leading me to this place that I am now. Do I regret certain decisions made? Well, we can't live life with regrets now, can we? So, as much as I reflect back and think that there are things that I could have done differently, I remind myself not to regret them. 

Every decision we make, pushes us in another direction. There is always two or more ways we can deal with a certain situation and there is never a right or a wrong to a decision made. It is our choice. Of course, I'm not talking about morally or ethical decisions... that would probably have it's impact if we made the 'wrong' choice.

From where I stand now, I can see the present. I have my share of uncertainties and stress... some of you may not believe but that depends on how you live your life. At this present moment, I am trying hard to build my online crafting business and as a freelance writer. For the simple reason that I don't want my brain to turn into mush, I decided to apply to be a freelance writer. A lot of thinking, analyzing and deciphering to do but I guess that is good for my brain cells.

From where I stand, I may not be able to see the future that clearly but I'm working towards it. I want to accomplish my niche. I am not just sitting at home and letting my brain rot :) I never am able to understand how some say they cannot stay at home because they will be bored to death because I never can. I blog, I surf the net, I craft, I read, I write, I clean, I wash, I exercise, I play with my cat, I take time to enjoy my coffee and then work some more. Crafting is work, ok? :) If you don't believe it, try it!



Shirl said...

Craft is definitely work...but happy work! I'm missing you girl!

Evelin said...

I miss you too, Shirl! We meet after next week, k? :)

~amy~ said...

New adventures,eh?! Soo excited for you girl!

yyam said...

I agree. There are loads of stuff to do at home. good luck on your new adventure!!! :)