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Friday, 27 May 2011


Are you pondering on anything today? hmmmm..... I have a lot on my mind lately. Too much actually and that's making me feel really stressed out. I think I better go list down everything, take a deep breath, have a cuppa coffee and start putting the important things to do first and listing it down again in order of importance.

Even then, I'm procrastinating... yikes. Better get started on listing my to do list soon.



Michelle Bertuzzi said...

Listing it down helps. Hope everything goes well for you.

Jacqueline said...

Dearest Evelin, i am a list maker...i make list of almost everything. haha It helps me lots with planning and organizing. Yes yes, take a little break and breath! I hope things get better for you soon!

Thanks so much for your sweet lovely words on my little bubble space. I am so happy you adore my little suitcase too. I bought this little treasure a while ago on a trip to Europe. :) Happy friday and have a lovely merry happy weekend! Love to yoU!


yyam said...

Oh yes. Lots of things on my mind too...Lists do help me...love the pic...you look cute! ;)

Happy weekend...and get listing!

~amy~ said...

pretty sure that coffee is the cure all for anything:) Hang in there girlie.

Emily Leiphart said...

This is such a cute photo, Evelin! That is a great piece of art to pose with.